How It Works

Bring Your KitchenAid©  Mixer to Life with Crown My Mixer Bands!

Your mixer is more than a tool—it's a partner in the moments you create and share in your kitchen. With our Crown My Mixer bands, you can add a personal touch that reflects the love you put into everything you bake. Easy to switch out and fun to show off, these bands let you share your personality and style every time you bake.

Quick Change, Big Charm

Upgrading your mixer is a breeze.  All you need is a simple screwdriver, and you’re ready to transform your trusty mixer. It's as easy as:

  1. Remove the screw (some models have two screws) with a Phillips head screwdriver
  2. Remove the old boring metal band
  3. Grab your Crown, slip it on
  4. Replace the screws

That's it!  A quick change that brings big charm to your kitchen.  

Designed with Heart, Made for Memories

Our mixer bands are made to endure the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen while being safe for contact with food. The patterns won't fade or scratch off when you cleaning your mixer.  They fit perfectly on all KitchenAid models--if you don't see your mixer size listed, let us know; we can add it--ensuring that your mixer always looks its best. More importantly, Crown My Mixer bands make every baking session a bit more special. Whether you’re whipping up a family recipe or trying out a trendy new dessert, your mixer will look as good as the treats you’re baking.

Please watch the instructional video on how to put your band on your KitchenAid Mixer.